Rathaus - Town Hall

Address: Am Neuen Markt 6, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

Since 1984 seat of the Ramstein-Miesenbach Union Community Administration; the union community was founded in 1971 by the association of the formerly independent municipalities Ramstein-Miesenbach, Hütschenhausen, Kottweiler-Schwanden, Niedermohr and Steinwenden.

Website:        www.ramstein-miesenbach.de

Phone:            +49 (6371) 5920

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday 8.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Thursday 8.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Friday 8.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

Marktbrunnen - Fountain

Address: Am Neuen Markt, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

The market fountain was created by Professor Gernot Rumpf in 1987. It depicts symbols and objects that are related to the city’s history and traditions: celebrating carnival and the textile industry.


Museum im Westrich –  “Old Town Hall“

Address: Miesenbacher Strasse 1, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

Located in the center of Ramstein, the building is a treasure in itself. It is the oldest building in Ramstein, a protected Baroque building dating back to 1750 with an alcove including a beautiful figure of St. Nepomuk and a hip roof mansard. Formerly the building was used as a brewery, a pub and as the city hall.  Nowadays it houses the tourist information center and the “Museum im Westrich”.

Website:     www.ramstein-miesenbach.de

Phone:        +49 (0)6371 838186

St. Nikolaus – Catholic Church

Address: Landstuhler Strasse 10, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

The church was built from 1901 to 1903 as the ancient church of the town had become too small for the growing number of inhabitants. St. Nikolaus Parish Church is sometimes referred to as the “Moorbach Valley Cathedral” by the locals.

Website:    www.kirchen-landstuhl.de

Phone:       +49 (0)6371 50683


John-F.-Kennedy Platz

Address: John-F.-Kennedy-Platz, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

A memorial stone at this square commemorates US president John-F.-Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963.

Schulhügel – Old Cemetery

Address: Schulhügel, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

The site was named after the school house that was located in this area in the past. For centuries the “Schulhügel“  was the location of the ancient parish church and the old cemetery of Ramstein, until both were relocated in the last century.
Today it is a park and memorial site with Lourdes grotto and ancient gravestones dating from the 17th and 18th century. A cross marks the location where the high altar of the ancient church once stood.

Pfaffenkreuz – Ancient Sandstone Cross

Address: Schernauer Strasse , 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

Originally the ancient sandstone cross stood in the “Reischswald” forest area where Ramstein Air Base is located nowadays. In the 1950s when the construction of the air base started the cross was relocated to its present site.  The monument shows the engravings of two symbols – a cup and a book. According to a local legend these symbols commemorate a priest who had fallen victim to robbery and murder on his way to Ramstein.

Marienkapelle – St. Mary’s Chapel

Address: Schernauer Strasse , 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

St. Mary´s Chapel is a hidden treasure of the city. The chapel was built in 1932. The Ramstein locals call it “Kapellsche“  what means small chapel in Palatinate dialect. Surrounded by ancient trees it is a place of rest and contemplation.

Wasserturm – Water Tower

Address: Spesbacher Strasse, 66877 Ramstein

The Ramstein water tower is located next to the road towards Spesbach. The tower was erected in 1955. Visible for miles around it became the landmark of Ramstein.
The so-called “Kunzen Kreuz”, an ancient sandstone cross, is located in a field a few hundred meters apart of the tower.

Kreuzhofkapelle – Chapel of the Cross

Address: Kreuzhof, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

The cross and chapel at Kreuzhof are symbols of Ramstein’s Christian roots and traditions.

Gänse-Anna-Brunnen – Fountain

Address: Am Marktplatz, 66877 Miesenbach/ District Miesenbach

The "Goose Anna" fountain on Miesenbach’s market square commemorates a poor underprivileged farmer’s girl from Miesenbach. The bronze figure shows Maria Anna Roos (1877-1944) who was hearing and speech impaired and had to make her living from herding geese. The fountain was created by Professor Otto Kallenbach in 1988. The historic building next to the fountain formerly housed the town hall of Miesenbach.

Jakobsbrunnen – Fountain

Address: 66877 Ramstein-Miensbach/ District Miesenbach

The Jakob´s fountain is a natural monument in the outskirts of Miesenbach. The well with its sandstone frame and the surrounding area were restored by a group of volunteers. The place offering a drinking water supply has become a favorite resting area for hikers and walkers.

Roman Tower

Address: Turmstrasse, 66879 Steinwenden

Although the so-called Roman Tower doesn´t date back to Roman times it is the oldest structure in the village. Several archeological finds like the remains of a Roman "villa rustica" that were placed near the Roman Tower demonstrate that people already lived in this area in the first few centuries A.D.