Waldwarmfreibad Waldmohr – Heated Outdoor Pool Waldmohr

Address: Badstrasse 12, 66914 Waldmohr

A visit to the Waldmohr heated outdoor pool guarantees fun for the whole family. The swimmer’s pool has a length of 50 meters.  A 45 meters long water slide leads into the non-swimmer’s pool. The diving tower has three different altitudes: 1 meter, 3 meters and 5 meters. The little ones will enjoy the baby pool with play equipment. The large lawn area provides enough space to relax, have fun and to do sports. You will find a playground, a beach volleyball and basketball field, soccer goals and ping-pong tables.

Website:   www.freibad-waldmohr.de

Phone:  +49 (0)6373 8917134

Opening times and hours:
May and September 9.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
June/ July/ August 9.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.
Ticket office closing time one hour before closure!
Closed in adverse weather!

Adults: € 3
Children/ Students: € 2
Children younger than 7 years: free admission
Groups (at least 10 adults): € 2.40 each

Solar-heated Outdoor Pool Matzenbach

Address: Glanstrasse, 66909 Matzenbach – District Gimsbach

The solar-heated outdoor pool is run and managed by the community. Besides the small pool with a hot water fountain you will find a wading pool for kids. The cozy lawn area next to the pool is the right place to take a rest. A table football, a ping-pong table and a chessboard square are available as well. A Kneipp water-treading basin is located next to the pool. Throughout the summer months special night swimming events are offered – on these days the pool stays open until midnight.

Website:  www.matzenbach.de/index.php/solarfreibad

Phone:  +49 (0)6383 7620

Opening hours:
In pleasant weather from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily.
On Saturday, Sunday and throughout the German school holidays the pool already opens at 1 p.m.
Special openings for school classes and groups can be arranged on request.

Adults: € 2.50
Adults ticket of ten: € 20.00
Youth (aged 6 to 14 years): € 1.50
Youth ticket of ten: € 12.00
Season ticket family: € 60.00
Season ticket adults: € 25.00
Season ticket youth: € 20.00

Parking: Please park your car at the parking lot at the church in Gimsbach. It is just a two minutes’ walk to the pool from there!

Ohmbachsee – Lake Ohmbach

Address: 66901 Schönenberg-Kübelberg (District Sand) and 66903 Gries

Lake Ohmbach is located next to Schönenberg-Kübelberg (district Sand) and Gries. The recreation area is the perfect location to relax, have fun and celebrate. The artificial lake was laid out in 1975. It has a water surface of 15 hectares. The lake is 1.5 kilometers long and up to 300 meters wide. A walking trail of 3.5 kilometers that is unhampered by barriers leads around the lakeshore. Lake Ohmbach is not a bathing lake, but it is suitable for boating and fishing. Pedal boats and rowboats are rented out at the kiosk at the playground. Children will enjoy the water playground with giant slide. Various barbecue areas equipped with tables and benches can be used free of charge. An ample cabin at the lakeshore in Gries offers space for events for up to 400 people and has two roofed barbecue areas. Two kiosks cater for the visitors and the lawn area surrounding the lake invites for sunbathing. Campingpark “Jungfleisch” including restaurant, hotel and 320 pitches for camping is the perfect location for an overnight stay. Fun for the whole family is guaranteed! A special event attracting visitors from near and far is the romantic Ohmbach Lake Festival. Each year it takes place the third weekend in July for three days.

Please click on the link to find further information about Lake Ohmbach (in German):  www.vgog.de/vg_oberes_glantal/Tourismus/Ohmbachsee/

Begehbares Geschichtsbuch – Accessible History Book

Along five loop trails 3.000 years of history come to life in the Oberes Glantal Union Community. The loop trails are called Diamantschleiferweg (Diamond Cutter Trail), Kirschenlandwanderweg (Cherry County Hiking Trail) and Ritter Gerin Weg (Knight Gerin Trail). In spring 2021 two new trails will be added: The Bergmannsbauernweg (Miner’s and Farmer’s Trail) and the Weg-Jüdische Kultur (Hiking Trail Jewish Culture). At various locations this “Accessible History Book“ shows the historic development of the region as well as distinctive scenic spots. Information boards as well as replicas of historical sites illustrate historical, geological and topographical features.

Kirschenland-Wanderweg – Cherry County Hiking Trail

Communities: Altenkirchen, Dittweiler, Frohnhofen (Zip code: 66903)

The “Kirschenland” (engl. Cherry County) hiking trail leads on a circular route of about 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) through the districts of the three Kohlbachtal communities Altenkirchen, Dittweiler and Frohnhofen. The landscape is characterized by extensive orchards. In old records the Kohlbachtal is also called “Orchard of the Westrich”. From the 19th century on sweet cherries were cultivated to a greater extent. This is where the name of the hiking trail derived from. Although fruit cultivation has declined substantially in recent years, more than 30,000 fruit trees, including 15,000 cherry trees, are still flourishing in the Kohlbachtal Valley each year in May. The trail leads to the nice recreational areas Entenweiher in Frohnhofen, Höbelgraben in Altenkirchen, Römerweiher and Elschbrunnen in Dittweiler. The museum of local history in Altenkirchen shows a nice collection what everyday life in previous times was about and documents the emigration from the local area to America. If you would like to visit the museum please arrange an appointment with Mr. Hettrich (phone: +49 (0)6386-1429). Another historic landmark along the trail is the Protestant church in Altenkirchen with its distinctive curved tower dome. Parts of the tower date back to Roman times. The nave was built in 1756. In the Ahlenwald forest near Altenkirchen you can still see adits of a former coal mine. On a summit with a height of 375 meters between the communities Dittweiler und Altenkirchen you can a replica of a medieval watchtower was built. The tower offers a great view of the surrounding area.

Diamantschleifer-Weg – Diamond Cutter Hiking Trail

Communities: Ohmbach, Brücken (Zip code: 66903 / 66904)

Since 1888 the village of Brücken had been the center of the diamond industry in the local area. In the 1930s, more than 2,500 people were employed in the diamond cutting industry of the Western Palatinate. The Diamond Cutter Trail leads as a circular route with a length of 18 kilometers (11.2 miles) through the districts of the villages Brücken and Ohmbach in the Ohmbach Valley. Along the hiking trail you can follow the traces of stones. In the Catholic parish church of Brücken (built 1953-55) you can see the largest altar mosaic of the Palatinate. It is made up of over 30,000 small stones of Italian marble. The mining tunnel in Brücken reminds hikers of the coal mine that was operated here from 1775 until 1939. Further stony witnesses are old boundary stones dating from the year 1786 and the filled up concrete remains of old Siegfried Line bunkers. The stone quarry near Ohmbach indicates that in the 19th century sand stone slabs were quarried here and used as floor coverings. An exciting presentation of the historical and economic development of the Palatinate diamond industry awaits you at the Diamond Cutter Museum in Brücken. The museum was opened in 1999. On Sunday afternoons diamond cutters demonstrate each step in the diamond cutting process. At several fully functional work stations representing different historical and technical periods they illustrate the transformation of rough diamonds into brilliant gems. True to original replicas of the 40 largest and most important diamonds of the world are displayed. Children will enjoy the museum´s “treasure chest” where they can search for gemstones.

Ritter-Gerin-Weg – Knight Gerin Hiking Trail

Communities: Schönenberg-Kübelberg, Gries (Zip code: 66901)

The 27 kilometers (approx. 16.7 miles) long Ritter Gerin Hiking Trail leads through ​​the communities of Schönenberg-Kübelberg and Gries. Ritter Gerin who gave the trail its name was a knight of a noble family from Kübelberg. Already in the Early Middle Ages a motte-and-bailey castle was located in Kübelberg. It was first mentioned in a document in 1297. Ensuing from this castle, the market town of Kübelberg developed to a place of trial responsible for 12 villages. Witnesses of the judiciary are the replica of a medieval gallows near the district Sand, a place of execution named “Rabentisch” located on a hill of 15 meters height near Schönenberg and the pillory in Kübelberg. Besides that, Ritter Gerin Hiking Trail leads to Lake Ohmbach, with 15 hectares the largest water area in the Western Palatinate. Following the course of Ritter Gerin Trail you will also be reminded of the former Glantalbahn. This railroad track was in service until 1984. Nowadays the Glan-Blies Cycle Route leads along the track. Near Gries the trail leads past the loop of the Glan River to the scenic Kühnerbachtal Valley, where a small population of wild orchids has survived. The trail offers views of the Catholic parish church of St. Valentine in Kübelberg. The construction of the tower dates back to the 12th century. The historic nave was built in the 18th century.

Bergmannsbauern-Weg – Miner‘s and Farmer‘s Hiking Trail

Start/Finish: Bergmannsbauernmuseum – Miner’s and Farmer’s Museum
Waldmohrer Strasse 32, 66916 Breitenbach

The Bergmannsbauern hiking trail has a total length of 32.5 kilometers (20.2 miles). It leads through the Höcherberg-Westrich nature reserve around the communities Breitenbach, Dunzweiler and Waldmohr. The trail starts and finishes at the Miner’s and Farmer’s Museum in Breitenbach, which vividly documents the everyday life of the farmers in former times. From there it leads partly along the old miner’s paths passing historic miner’s houses. Other landmarks along the trail are relics of mining, such as the district of the village of Breitenbach called Grube Labach (the name of a former mine) or to the 70 m long and 6 m high loading station of the former Nordfeld Mine in the forest of Waldmohr. Throughout the course of the trail you have to master an altitude difference of 660 meters in total.

The trail is still in process of planning – the opening is scheduled for spring 2021!

Weg-Jüdische Kultur – Hiking Trail Jewish Culture

Start/Finish: Jewish Museum, Hauptstrasse 78, 66909 Steinbach am Glan

The hiking trail “Jewish Culture“ has a total length of 28 kilometers (17.4 miles). Throughout the course of the trail you have to master an altitude difference of 460 meters in total. The trail links the two creeks Glan and Ohmbach. The trail starts and finishes at the Jewish Museum in Steinbach am Glan. The main purpose of the round trail is to recollect the Jewish population that lived in the area for centuries. It leads along sites and buildings that were evidently inhabited by Jews or were of special interest for the Jewish culture. The trail connects with two other hiking trails – the Diamond Cutter Trail and the Knight Gerin Trail.

The trail is still in process of planning – the opening is scheduled for spring 2021!