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St. Nikolaus Ramstein - Catholic churchSt. Nicolaus Church Ramstein
Landstuhler Strasse 10, 66877 Ramstein, Phone: 06371  5 06 83

St. Nikolaus Parish Church is sometimes referred to as the "Moorbach Valley Cathedral". It was built from 1901 to 1903.
St. Georg NiedermohrSt. Georg Niedermohr - Catholic church
Kirchmohr, 66879 Niedermohr, Phone: 06383  99 30 66
Kirchmohr with its Catholic church of St. Georg is located on a hill at the east end of Niedermohr. The oldest part of the present-day church is dating back to an ancient pilgrim´s chapel from the 13th century. The church was renovated just recently.
St. Michael Hütschenhausen - Catholic churchCatholic Church Hütschenhausen
Hohlstrasse 1, 66882 Hütschenhausen, Phone: 06372 99 32 12
The sandstone church was built from 1911 till 1913 in the traditional local style. Since the colorful handpainted interior frescos were reconstructed in 2007 the
church is gleaming in new splendor.
KreuzhofKreuzhofkapelle - chapel
Kreuzhof, 66877 Ramstein
The cross and chapel at Kreuzhof are symbols of Ramstein´s Christian roots and traditions.
Chapel RamsteinMarienkapelle (St. Mary´s Chapel) - chapel
Schernauer Strasse, 66877 Ramstein
St. Mary´s Chapel is a hidden treasure of the city and a place of rest and contemplation.



St. Andreas Church – Catholic church
Kirchenstrasse, 66849 Landstuhl
St. Andreas Church was built in 1752/53 in baroque style on a former tower forming part of the town’s fortifications.
The outstanding attraction is the tomb of Franz von Sickingen from 16th century.
It shows the knight in a larger than life full relief in armor and standing on a lion.
 Alte Kapelle (Old chapel) - chapel
Ludwigstrasse, 66849 Landstuhl

The official name of the building is ´Chapel of the Cross`, but it is popularly known as the ´Old Chapel`. It is the Gothic choir of the old medieval parish church of St. Andreas, embellished with filigree ornamental frescoes. The nave was torn down at the beginning of the 19th century because of its dilapidated condition.
Gustav-Adolf-Kirche - Protestant church
Ludwigstrasse, 66849 Landstuhl
The protestant town-church was built in 1861 in neo-Gothic style. Above the entrance you can see the crest of Sickingen family.

Heilig-Geist-Kirche - Catholic church
Luitpoldstrasse, 66849 Landstuhl
The ´Church of the Holy Spirit` was built in 1955. It houses some precious wooden sculptures from the old parish church of St. Andreas (Pieta and St. Erasmus).




Spitalkirche in Vogelbach (Hospital church)
Dorfstrasse 13, 66892 Vogelbach

The building dating back to the 12th century in the beginnings served as a church including a hospital and was an important way station for pilgrims on the Route of St. James. Only slightly younger than the Speyer Cathedral today the church is one of the oldest and most beautiful cultural monuments of the Palatinate. In 1986 it was added to the list of “protected cultural assets” of the Hague Convention.

Protestant church in Langwieden
Hauptstrasse 2, 66894 Langwieden

The village church is among the oldest chapels in the Palatinate. The church was first mentioned in 1496 in official documents of the Worms diocese.

Protestant church in Lambsborn
Hauptstrasse 50, 66894 Lambsborn

In the rectangular hall church you can still find a precious Baroque pulpit dating from 1783.

Catholic parish church St. Martinus in Martinshöhe
Zweibrücker Strasse 61, 66894 Martinshöhe

The church in Martinshöhe presents itself in sparkling white with red sandstone trim. It was built in the neo-Romanesque style with neo-Gothic elements.

Protestant church in Miesau
St. Wendeler Strasse 22, 66892 Miesau

The current church replaced the small Lautentinus chapel built in 1488 that served as a pilgrimage church on the way to St. Wendel in the late Middle Ages.

Protestant church and community center in Gerhardsbrunn
Adam-Mueller-Strasse 4, 66894 Gerhardsbrunn

The church was built in 1825 and served as church and school at the same time. Today it combines the church and the community center.

Catholic church in Bruchmühlbach
Friedhofstrasse 1, 66892 Bruchmühlbach

This is a neo-Romanesque building made of red sandstone with attached steeple, four window axes and a five-sided apse.

Catholic church in Elschbach
Glanstrasse 35, 66892 Elschbach

The construction took less than a year, and the church was consecrated in December 1955

Protestant church and community center in Bruchmühlbach
Eichenhuebel 12, 66892 Bruchmühlbach

The center’s layout offers a variety of uses. Notable are the windows designed by the Landau artist Margot Stempel Leber.



Collegiate Church - Protestant church
Marktstraße 13, 67655 Kaiserslautern
Full of history and noteworthy. Even without being an art or church historian, if you look at the Kaiserslautern Collegiate Church you see that it is something special - above all its "picturesque side" from the Marktstraße with the "Schönen Brunnen" (Fountain) in front of it is impressive (it was first mentioned in 1571). In fact it is considered to be the most important late gothic hall church in southwest Germany and is in addition the birthplace of the "Palatine Union" because here the Lutherans and the Reformers in the Palatine joined forces in 1818.
 St. Martins´s Church - Catholic church
Klosterstraße 4, 67655 Kaiserslautern
St. Martin’s, now a Catholic parish church, is considered a vivid example of a medieval church of a mendicant order. 
Built at the beginning of the 14th century as a Franciscan monastery church, it was expanded as early as the 15th century and finally dissolved by the French at the end of the 18th century. Today St. Martin's Church is a Catholic parish church.
 Little Church
Unionstraße 2a, 67655 Kaiserslautern
This church was built by the Lutheran community between 1711 and 1717, and stands in what is now the generously-proportioned Union Square in the Rittersberg quarter. Today it is a favourite church for weddings.



Protestantische Hof- und Stadtkirche St. Paulus - Protestant churchMozart Organ
Schlossplatz 3, 67292 Kirchheimbolanden, Phone: 06352 55 39
The church without tower was built between 1739 and 1744 under the reign of Prince Karl-August von Nassau-Weilheim according to the plans of the architect of the imperial court Julius Ludwig Rothweil. In 1778 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played the richly ornamented church organ during his visit in Kirchheimbolanden. The same organ can still be heard nowadays, e.g. in an organ concert or during a guided city tour.
St. Philipp - Catholic church
Zeller Hauptstrasse, 67308 Zellertal-Zell, Phone: 06355 5 24
The church was built from 1746 to 1749 by master builder Rischer and is one of the most significant sacred buildings in the Donnersberg region. Well worth seeing is the rich rococo high altar with pilasters, columns and gilded carvings, the two side altars, the hexagonal baptismal font with gilded figure as well as the wall and ceiling paintings.

Simultankirche St. Valentin - Double church
Kirchberg, 67821 Oberndorf, Phone: 06362 24 11
St. Valentin Church is used for services by both Protestants and Catholics. The church was already mentioned in a document in 1128 as a fortress church and is one of the nicest medieval sacred buildings in the Donnersberg region. Worth seeing is the elaborate series of late Gothic fresco paintings and the four richly ornamented tombs of the Knights of Randeck/Löwenstein.

Kreuzkapelle - chapel
Kreuzberg, 67722 Winnweiler, Phone: 06302 28 44, www.kath-kirchengemeinde-winnweiler.de/
In 1728 Baron Langen ordered the construction of the small pilgrimage chruch built on Kreuzberg hill near Winnweiler. Furthermore stations of the cross were erected along the route to the chapel and linden trees were planted. The most precious exhibition piece is a painting showing the Holy Family on the northern church wall. It might be a work of one of Raffael´s students.